With some companies expecting the best and getting the best our two separate things. At City Wide they have built their reputation on quality. By using only the best wood stains and sealers, City Wide is able to capture the lasting beauty of the wood. From the decision on the stain color to the choice of wood, the professionals at City Wide will answer all your questions and give their advice as to what is best for your unique project. Service shouldn’t stop at staining; City Wide also includes filling nail holes with every project. To better suit their customers’ needs Citywide follow the follow process:

1.Initial Consultation – Before work can begin, City Wide wants to know your thoughts and opinions on how you want the finished product to look. Through this step, specific information is gathered on your custom millwork package, such as wood choice and stain color to make sure that your vision is transferred to City Wide's.

2.Prepare – Based on your requests City Wide matches up your stain color and provides you with a sample of stained wood for your approval. It’s simple, if the stain color is not to your specifications, adjustments will be made at no additional cost to you.

3.Staining – All millwork or trim is properly prepared and stained.

4.Final Approval – After City Wide’s own inspection, you are invited to look over the finished product.

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